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Everything You Need to Know About Dollywood’s Big Bear Mountain Roller Coaster

Dollywood recently opened a new ride in the Wildwood Grove section of the theme park. This new roller coaster is now the longest coaster at Dollywood and has elements that you’ve never seen at this theme park before. Here are some of the things you need to know about the new Big Bear Mountain roller coaster and the story behind the ride.

What’s the Story Behind Big Bear Mountain?

Wildwood Grove sign at DollywoodThe new Big Bear Mountain roller coaster at Dollywood is unlike any other ride they have. This coaster immerses riders in a story that can be seen and heard throughout the queue line and the ride itself. When you get in line for the ride, you enter the Adventure Outpost Base Camp to embark on an expedition with Ned Oakley, Wildwood Grove’s resident wilderness explorer, on his search for the legendary Big Bear. Big Bear is Wildwood Grove’s most elusive inhabitant who some say is just a legend. However, Ned Oakley believes he’s real and is determined to find the elusive bear. That’s where you come in. Riders join Ned in his four-wheel drive SUVs on a ride through the hills as you all search for Big Bear together.

How Big is the Big Bear Mountain Roller Coaster?

At 3,990 feet long, Big Bear Mountain is now the longest roller coaster at Dollywood. The ride lasts for roughly 99 to 104 seconds as you twist and turn your way around the entire length of Wildwood Grove. At its highest elevation, the track is only 66 feet tall, making this roller coaster far from being one of the tallest ones at the theme park. This family coaster reaches speeds of up to 48 miles per hour, making it plenty thrilling for both kids and adults.

Who Can Ride Big Bear Mountain?

Guests in Wildwood Grove at DollywoodBig Bear Mountain was designed to be a family roller coaster so that multiple generations can experience the ride together. The minimum height requirement is only 39 inches tall, which means kids can enjoy this ride alongside their parents and grandparents. For many children, this could be their first real roller coaster that they get to experience! Each roller coaster train seats 20 guests, so everyone will be able to ride together.

What Makes the Big Bear Mountain Roller Coaster Unique?

The new Big Bear Mountain roller coaster has some ride elements that set it apart from other rides at Dollywood. One of the biggest differences is theming. The theming of this ride is so intricate that you can see it everywhere you turn, both while you wait in line and once you get onto the ride. You can see Ned Oakley’s research and evidence of Big Bear on tables and bulletin boards in the Adventure Outpost. You will also hear Ned’s voice plus auditory thrills as you journey through Wildwood Grove on this coaster. This is Dollywood’s first ride to feature on-board audio, setting it apart from other rides at the park. Other unique aspects of Big Bear Mountain can be found in the ride itself. This roller coaster features 3 distinct launches that send riders over multiple airtime hills and through tunnels. This is also the only roller coaster at Dollywood that brings riders behind a waterfall! 

When Did Big Bear Mountain Open?

close up of Dolly signature on busDollywood season passholders first received the opportunity for exclusive ride times to try out Big Bear Mountain before it was open to the public. Then Dolly Parton herself appeared on May 12 to open the ride to the public with a presentation and a special Big Bear Mountain song that she wrote for the occasion! The roller coaster is now open to all Dollywood guests. 

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