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5 Reasons To Book Hotel Rooms in Pigeon Forge TN Directly

There is a ton of perks that come with booking your hotel room online. Not only can you conduct your search in your own time, but you can also easily compare rooms side by side with ease. However, not all online booking sites are created equally. That is why we wanted to put together a list of reasons as to why you should choose to book your hotel rooms in Pigeon Forge directly from the hotel and not through a third party site.

From a personalized experience to a better selection of rooms, you will be surprised all the ways cutting out the middleman and working with the hotel directly can improve your vacation as a whole.

1. Better Rooms

Pigeon Forge hotel with queen bedThe first reason to book hotel rooms in Pigeon Forge TN directly through the hotel is that you are giving yourself a wider selection of relaxing rooms to choose from.  When hotels list rooms on third party sites, they typically only reserve a block of rooms and keep the rest to book themselves. This means by booking your room directly, you are giving yourself the chance to view all of the rooms that the hotel has to offer and broadening your search.

Booking through the hotel directly also helps you out a lot if you need to reserve a block of rooms or if you need to make sure your rooms are near one another. The hotel staff member you speak to can easily pull up all of the available rooms during your time and help you through the process. This will take the guessing out of your planning and guarantee you find just what you need.

Room with amenities at Pigeon Forge hotel on the Parkway2. Personalized Stay

Booking hotels rooms in Pigeon Forge TN directly through the hotel is a great way to personalize your stay. This is because you can work directly with the hotel staff to ensure you have everything you need during your stay. Whether you are planning a group meeting, a church retreat, a family reunion, or a destination wedding, our hotel staff will be more than happy to assist you in anything you need to make your stay with us memorable.

3. Better Discounts

Couple enjoying affordable room with Pigeon Forge hotel couponsChances are, if you are looking to book through an online reservation site, you are looking for a discount. However, did you know you can actually find a lot better specials on hotel rooms in Pigeon Forge by booking through the hotel directly? It’s true!

Not only are we able to offer you discounts on your room, we can even offer you your choice of vacation packages to improve your stay. These packages can include anything from discount attraction tickets to special ways to surprise your special someone. The point is they are an easy way to improve your vacation simply by booking your stay directly through our hotel.

family taking advantage of Inn On The Rivers Pigeon Forge hotel packages during vacation4. More Flexibility

Life happens. Because of this, we understand you may need to add a bit of flexibility into your travel plans in case something comes up. For example, you may need to push your travel dates up a couple of days or you need to check in a little earlier. The point is you want to be able to have someone to call when these things happen who can help you rearrange your plans.

Yes, online reservation sites have a customer service department, but wouldn’t it be a lot easier to be able to talk to the hotel staff where you plan on staying instead of a third party?

At Inn On The River, we want to make sure your stay with us is as fond and memorable as possible. That is why we are dedicated to doing everything we can to create a positive travel experience.

5. Local Knowledge

Southern style sweet tea to enjoy during Pigeon Forge hotel vacationAnother perk of booking hotel rooms in Pigeon Forge TN directly from the hotel is you get to talk to someone who lives in and knows the area when you are planning your trip. This way you can ask for any restaurant tips or if they know any backroads to get to your favorite attraction, anything to make your stay here easier.

When you book through a third party you don’t get this personalized touch of local knowledge because they don’t know the area. All they can really tell you is where your hotel is located. They probably don’t know much about the surrounding businesses or attractions.

Now that you know all of the benefits of booking your room directly from us, it is time to start planning your next trip to The Inn On The River today! You can start by browsing through all of our hotel rooms in Pigeon Forge TN and decide which is right for your next getaway.