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Be Safe While You Are Hiking in the Smokies

Bridge over river in the Smoky MountainAre you planning a hiking trip on your visit to the Smoky Mountains? Remember that hiking is only safe if you make it safe! Be aware of these things to ensure you have a great adventure while you are hiking in the Smokies!

Tell Someone Your Plans

It is always helpful if someone knows where you are hiking in the Smokies, especially if you plan to visit a strenuous trail. Plan to be on the trail in the morning, so you can return before dark. As long as someone knows which hike you are climbing, they will be able to contact authorities if you don’t arrive back at the given time.

Hike in Groups

Having a hiking partner is always better than hiking alone! If you are hiking with a group, keep everyone together. Do not allow anyone alone to fall behind or get too far ahead. Keep children in your sight so they don’t take a path in the wrong direction. When you hike in groups, everyone is safer.

Pack for Emergencies

Pack the items that would be necessary for emergencies. Although emergency situations are not common, it is better to be prepared for any situation. Always pack enough water for every hiker. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park recommends that each person have approximately three quarts of water. Taking a map and compass are always important, too. Maps can be purchased at visitor centers before your hike. It is a good idea to pack a first aid kit with basic items such as bandages and antibiotic cream. Lastly, flashlights and matches are good items for your hiking backpack, just in case you are in the mountains at night.

Be Smart While Hiking in the Smokies

You should always know where you are hiking! Make sure you choose a hike that the weakest member of your group can handle. Do not choose a difficult trail if you are hiking with young children. It is best to stay on well-known trails, especially if you are not an experienced hiker.

Drinking any water on the trails is dangerous unless it is filtered or boiled. The water is contaminated, so you will make yourself very ill by consuming the water in the mountains.

If you are completing a waterfall hike, be careful around the waterfall. Many of the pools that form below the waterfalls are not safe for swimming. The waterfalls may appear very safe, but the constant gush of water is very strong and can be harmful. Enjoy the beauty of the waterfalls, but don’t try to climb on the wet rocks!

After hiking in the Smokies, enjoy a relaxing evening at The Inn On The River! With an indoor and outdoor pool, The Inn On The River is the perfect place to cool off after a day in the mountains! Check out our guest rooms and contact us at 1-877-391-1284 to book your stay in the Smoky Mountains!