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4 Interesting Facts About Pigeon Forge TN You Should Know

If you love visiting Pigeon Forge TN, then you should learn a little more about the area! We want to share some fun facts about our city with you. You just might be surprised by what you learn! Look at these 4 interesting facts about Pigeon Forge TN you should know:

1. Its name came from an extinct species of birds.

The Old Mill on the Little Pigeon River in Pigeon Forge TN.The name of the city actually comes from a species of birds that was prominent in the area. Passenger pigeons were native to the area, but people came in and hunted them until they were extinct. The last known passenger pigeon was in the area in 1914. They used to perch in trees near the Old Mill, so that’s where the “Pigeon” part of the name came from. The “Forge” part of the name comes from the old iron forge that used to be where the Old Mill stands today.

2. The Old Mill used to provide electricity to the city.

Not only did the Old Mill take part in naming Pigeon Forge, it also provided electricity to the city for a while! The Old Mill was used for power starting in 1921. It wasn’t until 1933 electricity was brought into Pigeon Forge through Sevierville. The Old Mill has really provided for the city over the last 200 years, from being a logging company to a post office to a civil war makeshift hospital!

3. Pigeon Forge TN is home to one of Tennessee’s most popular attractions.

dollywood entrance signThere are plenty of cool things to see throughout the entire state of Tennessee. You’ll find huge caves, an underwater lake, and much more. But the most visited attraction in the entire state is right here in Pigeon Forge TN! More than 2 million people come from all over the world to experience Dollywood every year. There’s so much this theme park offers, such as thrill rides, kid rides, all kinds of events, delicious food, entertaining shows, and incredible crafts made by people in the park. If you plan on coming to Pigeon Forge, you can’t miss out on experiencing the most visited attraction in Tennessee!

4. Pigeon Forge is home to one of two Titanic museums in the country.

One really cool fact about Pigeon Forge TN is it is home to one of two Titanic museums in the entire United States. The Titanic Museum in Pigeon Forge is perfect for people of all ages. When you purchase tickets, you’ll receive a boarding pass with a real Titanic passenger’s name on it. As you make your way through the museum, you can see all kinds of artifacts, read about the making of the ship, its voyage, and the tragic sinking. There are interactive portions for kids to enjoy and learn about, and at the end, you find out the fate of the passenger on your boarding pass.

Now you know a little bit more about Pigeon Forge TN! Are you ready to come back? Look through our Pigeon Forge hotel rooms to start planning your next trip!