The Inn on the River is a newly renovated Pigeon Forge hotel on the Parkway.

The Inn On The River

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Nightlife in Pigeon Forge

Whiskey on the rocks and draft beer on table in a barPigeon Forge sometimes has a reputation as being a place solely reserved for families and those with children. Anyone who thinks this way has never experienced the fun-filled bars and nightclubs scattered across the city and has never experienced the nightlife in Pigeon Forge. No matter what hotel in Pigeon Forge that you choose, you can find a bar or nightclub nearby that you will love.

The Iron Bar Saloon is a top pick among those living in the city. This saloon prides itself on being the best biker bar in Pigeon Forge. The atmosphere inside is exactly what you would expect from a dive bar. Neon beer signs and local memorabilia hang from the walls, game machines stand against one wall and a long bar runs across the opposite wall. On most nights, people pack inside shoulder-to-shoulder for the cheap drinks and delicious food, which includes quesadillas, wings and tacos. The bar is also close to some of the top Pigeon Forge attractions.

If you need something a little less rustic, try Dolce Uva Wine Bar. This upscale wine bar features a gorgeous deck along the back, which offers amazing views of the water. The married couple who own the bar are almost always on hand, making suggestions about food and wine pairings or talking to guests. This small bar is always welcoming of new guests, and on karaoke nights, nearly everyone inside gets a chance at singing on the stage.

When looking for lodging in Pigeon Forge, you might consider looking for one near the Sherlock Holmes Pub. This small bar has the look of an authentic British Pub, and many of the dishes on the menu are those you might find in London. Fish and chips and cottage pie are just a few choices on the menu. The relaxing environment and mix of customers is the perfect way to unwind after a hectic day of taking in the sites in the city.

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