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roaring fork motor trail

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Drive the Roaring Fork Motor Trail

Want to go on a scenic drive while you’re visiting the Smokies? You have plenty of drives to choose from! Any of these roads will give you incredible views and are a great way to explore the area. One of the best is the Roaring Fork Motor Trail. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should drive the Roaring Fork Motor Trail:

1. Beautiful Views

roaring fork motor trail

There are some incredible views along this scenic drive in the Smokies. You’ll ride through the woods and get to look out into the trees. This is especially beautiful in the spring when all the vegetation is budding again or in the fall when the leaves have changed colors. There are streams and creeks along this drive you’ll enjoy looking at. It’s a beautiful area you’ll want to take in.

2. Possibly See Wildlife

Right after Cades Cove, Roaring Fork Motor Trail is the next scenic drive to go on if you want to see wildlife. Black bears are known to frequent the area, so you might see some when you go on the drive. You’ll probably see gray squirrels, white tailed deer, and all kinds of birds. If you get out and look in the stream, there could be fish, salamanders, frogs, and turtles. Just because this area is known for wildlife activity, it doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to see any.

3. Explore Historic Buildings

noah bud ogle cabinThe Noah “Bud” Ogle cabin and surrounding buildings are on the road right before you turn onto Roaring Fork. You can park in the parking area and take a short walk to this cabin. You can go inside, and it will really show you how the pioneers lived. There’s also the handcrafted wooden flume plumbing system built by the Ogles you won’t want to miss!

4. Hiking Trails

If you want to combine a scenic drive and a hike, Roaring Fork Motor Trail is the perfect one! There are several hiking trails near and right off of this road. The most popular trails are Trillium Gap Trail, which takes you to Grotto Falls and the summit of Mount LeConte. The Rainbow Falls trailhead is also off of this road. There are short walks as well, including the one to see the Place of a Thousand Drips.

5. Close to Gatlinburg

downtown gatlinburgA huge perk of driving this road is how close it is to Gatlinburg. You won’t have to travel too far into the national park to enjoy the scenery and history of the area. After spending your morning or afternoon on the road, you can easily make it back to downtown and grab a bite to eat, or head on back to our hotel!

These are just a few reasons why you should drive Roaring Fork Motor Trail. Another popular drive is Newfound Gap Road. No matter which drive you choose, you’ll have a great time! Want to know what else you can do when you stay with us? Check out these other fun things to do in Pigeon Forge!