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New Smoky Mountain Distillery Offers Moonshine History Tour

There’s a new Smoky Mountain distillery located in Sevierville! Tennessee Shine Company expanded their locations to this area, and they not only have a tasting room. You’ll also find the only Moonshine History Tour in the Smokies! Learn all about this new Smoky Mountain distillery and Moonshine History Tour:

Moonshine History Tour

moonshine stillThis is the only distillery in the area that has a museum dedicated to the history of moonshine. It highlights the origins, how moonshine was processed back in the day, and things that can go wrong during the process. The owners of this Smoky Mountain distillery wanted to set their new shop apart from the other distilleries in the area. They worked with Red Utley and Mike Cockrell from Discovery’s Moonshiners show to create this tour.

What’s On the Tour

They have real moonshine stills you can look at along the tour. There is a spot with an old moonshine truck where you can take pictures. Then you’ll see a room that shows equipment that was used to get corn ready to be made into moonshine.

Another room takes you into the woods where bootleggers would make moonshine, and there are replicas, as well as a fake bear that growls at guests as they walk by. You can watch a 3 to 5 minute film about the impacts of moonshine on the area.

There’s an interactive section where you can learn about what happens when the still blows up or when moonshine is mixed incorrectly. At the end, you’ll see a real Nascar vehicle and learn about how Tennessee Shine Company partnered with a driver.

Tennessee Shine Company

shot of moonshineThis Smoky Mountain distillery opened its doors in Wears Valley less than 10 years ago. They now have four locations in the Smokies you can visit, including the original location and the newest in Sevierville. After the tour, you’ll head outside and come back around into the retail store where you can taste moonshine, whiskey, and other drinks.

Tennessee Shine Company has the traditional, unflavored moonshine, as well as all kinds of fun flavors. Some of the popular ones include Moonpie Banana Cream, Salted Caramel, and Keylime Cream. In addition to moonshine, this distillery also sells whiskey in flavors such as straight bourbon whiskey and caramel. There’s also red, pink, and white wines.

If you want to rep Tennessee Shine Company, they have all kinds of merchandise, from t-shirts to glassware.

You don’t want to miss out learning all about the moonshine process from its beginnings 100 years ago to how it’s made today. This Smoky Mountain distillery is a great place to visit. Wondering what else you should do when you stay with us? Check out these other fun things to do in the Smoky Mountains!