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Your Guide to the Dollywood Flower and Food Festival

If you’ve been to Dollywood during a festival, you know how fun they can be! One of the newest ones you should check out is the Dollywood Flower and Food Festival. There are a ton of amazing flower sculptures to see and incredible food to try. Learn all about the Dollywood Flower and Food Festival below:

Dollywood Flower and Food Festival

umbrella sky dollywoodThis festival was started to honor Dollywood’s 35th season back in 2020. It was so popular, they decided to bring it back! During the festival, you will be able to look at incredible art made by horticulturists. There are chalk artists creating beautiful works during each day of the festival, and chefs have made food inspired by spring. These are just some of the amazing things you can expect from this festival.

The Flowers

During January, the horticulturists start creating the amazing living sculptures you can see throughout Dollywood. They use over 6,000 individual plants for each sculpture. The plants are planted in the late winter or early spring to be ready for the spring festival. Some of the amazing sculptures you can see include one dedicated to Dolly’s mother making her coat of many colors. There are also butterflies and black bears. In addition to the sculptures, the grounds at Dollywood are overflowing with beautiful flowers and plants.

The Food

cupcakes and cookie flowers and cupcakes

Seasonal ingredients are used in the dishes during the Dollywood Flower and Food Festival. The dishes the chefs have prepared feel so right for springtime. Anyone who is a foodie will have a great time exploring the food scene during the festival. You can get a Cuban sandwich, a lobster roll, or mountain paella. For snacks, you will find lemon curd and blueberry waffles, beef bulgogi nachos, and paletas, which are popsicles made with fresh fruit and condensed milk. There are several frescas in a variety of flavors to keep you cool, and the flavors include watermelon lime fresca and blood orange lemonade.

A new program introduced this year is the Flower and Food Festival dining pass. You will pay $29.99, or $27.99 for season passholders, to receive a dining pass. This gives you access to taste five meals during your time in the park. It’s perfect for people who want to try a little bit of everything!

The Fun

During this festival, you can enjoy several fun activities. On Showstreet, there is a colorful rainbow umbrella sky you can walk under. It’s a beautiful sight, so you’ll definitely want to take pictures. In 2021, Dollywood introduced a chalk artist. This person will be there every day to create new art, and kids can create their own chalk art. This is located in Adventures in Imagination.

flower chalk artAnother new part of the festival is the Melodies of Spring concert series. This series will include contemporary Christian artists, Southern gospel singers, and other acts. Be sure to check the schedule to see who will be performing each day!

This festival typically runs from April to June. The dates will change every year, so be sure to check and see when it will be taking place so you don’t miss it!

You will love going to the Dollywood Flower and Food Festival. But do you know where you will stay when you’re in town? Look through our Pigeon Forge hotel rooms and book one for your trip to Dollywood!