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Dan Lawson Place

5 Historical Buildings to Visit in Cades Cove

Cades Cove is overflowing with unique historical buildings and great fun for the entire family! Cades Cove is a gorgeous valley surrounded by mountains and one of the most popular places to visit in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park! The first Europeans arrived in Cades Cove between 1818 and 1821 and by 1830, the population had already ballooned to 271. Today, you can explore the settlements and buildings established by these original settlers in Cades Cove! Here are 5 historical buildings to visit in Cades Cove:

1. John P. Cable Mill

Entire towns were often established near grist mills in the 1800s! These grist mills were used by the original settlers to grind grains into flour or meal quicker than they previously could before. Not only were grist mills vital to local economies, they also became a social gathering place! This grist mill in Cades Cove was built by farmer John P. Cable in 1867. Power for the John P. Cable Mill was supplied by Mill Creek and a connecting channel was later dug to Forge Creek, providing additional power when water levels were low.

2. John Oliver Cabin

john oliver cabin

John Oliver Cabin is the first stop along the Cades Cove Loop where you can get out and explore! John Oliver and his wife Lucretia were the first-ever permanent settlers to arrive in Cades Cove in the 1820s! The John Oliver Cabin is not the original structure the Olivers lived in but rather a honeymoon cabin John Oliver built for his son to use when he married. This honeymoon cabin is about 50 yards away from where the original cabin stood.

3. Dan Lawson Place

Dan Lawson Place is made up of a cabin, a barn, a smokehouse and a storehouse for grain located about 3 quarters of the way around the Cades Cove Loop! The Dan Lawson Place cabin was built in 1856 by Dan Lawson, who later became the largest landowner in Cades Cove following the Civil War. The cabin was built from hand-cut logs and features a brick chimney — a rarity at the time in Cades Cove.

4. Primitive Baptist Church

primitive baptist church

John and Lucretia Oliver introduced the Baptist denomination to the Cades Cove area in 1825. The Cades Cove Primitive Baptist Church was established in 1827 and became the first church in the area, meaning community members no longer had to travel to Millers or Wears Cove to attend church. A conflict over biblical interpretation eventually led to Cades Cove Baptists renaming the church in 1841 to distinguish it from other Baptists with different beliefs. Church members met in a log structure until 1887 when the familiar white frame church you see today was built.

5. Missionary Baptist Church

Missionary Baptist Church was established in 1841 following the split in the Cades Cove Baptist Church. Pastor John Adams and the Missionary Baptist Church congregation met in individual homes for decades since they had no meeting place. The congregation built the church on Hyatt Hill in 1894. As the congregation grew in size, a new church was built in 1915 which is what you see in Cades Cove today!

Everyone in your family will have a blast exploring these historical buildings in Cades Cove! We know your kids will love these things along the Cades Cove Loop when you bring the entire family!